Hospital Management System(HMS)is one of the premium product of Floating Infotech

The product and features of helth care application software for hospitals,pathalogy,labrotaory,diagnostic Centers,clinics,OPD's,IPD's,phamacy,blood banks,financial accounting,HR,payroll with aunthentication systems with separate admin and user controlls

Hospital management system is a project which is developed for a hospitals to maintain all the records of hospital named as a "HOSPITAL MANAGEMENT SYSTEM" which is developed for maintaining the record of patients , as well as staff members. It's a high security software. Only authorised users can change the data which is filled by users. Any kind of information which is filled by users cannot be changed by staff members. The Filled information can be changed only by the admin users .
You don’t need to maintain any kind of documents for any patients as well as staffs. All records related to the hospital are maintained by this software with proper security. Authorised users can only delete the data which is filled by other Users.
there is no limit for filing data into software. All information which is filled by users, the admin panel can monitor the information of that particular staff users and perticular patients.

Bellow mentioned points are included in the software

1. To Login in the software, user ID and password are mandatory
2. Patient admission form : all information of patients
3. Search patient : by patient id and name
4. Biling management
5. Bill payment : 2. Cheque
6. Daily charges : charges on number of activities
7. Stay bill
8. Surgery bill
9. Total bill Reports
10. All Bills: all patients bill
11. All Payments : statement of all payments of bill , paid amount , pending amount
12. All patients : admitted patients and discharged patients
13. User ids and password for each staff member
14. Attendance of staff
15. Login time, out time of staff
16. shift time arrangements for staff
17. only Admin user can edit bill price and basic charges
18. Data can be changed only by Admin users.

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